Shalom, y’all,
   I did the unthinkable for Mother’s Day….
   I left my four kids and went with my sister to see our parents….
   We were joined by my brother from Memphis. We had a quiet and sweet visit.
    I had cake, pie and ice cream like I don’t need to lose thirty pounds.
   The kids don’t seem any worse for the wear….. But the husband is a little stressed.
    I am unpacked, got the last load of wash done, and the children are back to finishing their homeschooled year.
    I started studying the last book of the Bible (Revelation) while at my parents’ home. I am going to enjoy this. Working on the first three chapters: what the Spirit is saying to the churches. I am also studying Daniel and Zechariah to see what they have to show me about “things to come”. I will at least be sharing some of my questions as I go along.
   Is now a good time to tell my husband that i am planning to go to Atlanta to see a friend from Moody Bible Institute. I haven’t seen her for 25 years. I want to go so bad….
   I have an airline voucher and she has a hotel room for a convention she will be attending. So I might be able to do the trip for around 200$…. Another mini vacation. My husband is acting like he has never heard me talk about this before….
  I am glad to be home.
                          Linda Lee
P.S. Did I mention that our A.C. is broken. This will be the 7th or 8th  time since November our heating and/or A.C. has not been functional. UGH. TEDIOUS!


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