Shalom, y’all,
   A lazy day here at home…This is not good since it was supposed to be a school day.
    I just didn’t feel like it!  Funny the kids never seem to mind.
    My dauchshund, Little Eva has been beside herself with worry and anxiety because she has cornered a rat snake (harmless, except that I am scared to death of them) or a rat in our fully loaded outside storage room. We can’t get back there to see what it is. She came in yesterday having scratched through a bag of something dusty… Our black and tan looked like a grey dappled…It
was cute.
   First day of Monday school was yesterday. Monday School is  a mom, dad and grandparent lead  homeschool “school”. We have 40 classes ranging from fencing, P.E, to physics and beginning German. I had really thought that we would never go back. But the kids had a different view. I don’t know what my problem was. I really enjoyed it like I always have. Met some new people, had Papa john’s pizza afterward at a picnic and am going to hone my public speaking skills in the class I am not teaching but providing support for (each class has to have two adults at all times). I am looking forward to the semester.
   I meet with my mentor this afternoon. It’s always good. We seek the mind of the LORD (what Jesus would do in this situation) and I change my behavior. It’s a pretty good system.

                      Linda Lee


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