Happy New Year!!!!

Shalom, y’all,
     Oh, yes, I believe in resolutions.  So much so, that I worked an hour or two on one.
      Definitely going to lose weight!!! I have a plan.  Yes, it probably includes Crossfit Boot camp again sometime this month.  Yikes!
      My husband and I need God’s words for this year and beyond and putting aside regularly scheduled activities like eating,  visits with friends,  blogging and most of my non business related computer stuff to fast for a week or so.
     I am looking forward to this next week.  I am also looking forward to this year,  I am full of hope and expectation.  The Lord has surprised me in so many ways this past year.  Here is a partial list of the blessings of the Lord.

    1.  The peace and rest of the Lord has become a very important and real entity in my life.  I notice immediately when something has disturbed the peace and rest and I endeavor to get back to that state.
Challenges to peace and rest come and  sometimes at an unrelenting pace.  I choose peace and rest.
    2.  Unbridled joy!  This grows every day and in my life it is closely related to peace and rest.
    3.  New friends when I didn’t expect them!  This has been such a delightful surprise I am looking to add some more new friends this year.
    4.  My Abundance of Joy Essential Oils business had 850% growth this year.  This was amazing!
My goal for next year is a “paltry” 500% increase.  That means 10,000$ a month!!!!  People that I know and love are getting well.  I work about ten hours a week!  If you are interested in essential oils and/or the business opportunity leave a comment with contact information.

     This is a short list.  Really this year has overflowed with blessings (and challenges).  I wouldn’t be any one or anywhere else on the planet.  That my dear readers is one of the most empowering feelings on all.

     Embrace YOUR  destiny, you are the only one who can!!!!

                     Linda Lee


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