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I am a lover a God. First. Foremost. I love my family, friends, music, art, reading, quietness. So, of course, I have four children! Ha! I also like to help people regain and maintain optimal health. One of the major ways I am accomplishing this is with Young Living essential oils. Can I help you?

The voice of Abundance of Joy blog

Shalom. y’all,
I have taken the time to look over my blog posts to date and to share with you nine posts that will give you a flavor of what my blog is about:
1. Got Abundance of Joy?
2. Life Goes on.
3. Waiting.
4. Rick Pino- “Your Love is Like”. A song that will give you an
idea of what I post when it is not “mine”.
5. Teacher’s Strike-Barn Dance
6. This is Young Living – A 5-6 minute video from Young Living and
essential oils.
7. Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability
8. Roasted Potato Leek Soup – I do post recipes regularly.
9. Everyday Oils: How to use essential oils.

Leave your comments. I look forward to the dialogue.

Linda Lee

P.S. One day I will archive these posts…Nothing is easy yet, even
though IS impressive.
I couldn’t find the post of why I begin and end each post with Shalom.
I will look again if I still can’t find it. I will rewrite it tomorrow.
P.P.S. I hope to at least have a header tomorrow and maybe a widget that
plays music.



Shalom, y’all,

I am in the process of exporting my blog from  I haven’t been successful after two tries.  I am pretty computer illiterate…so four easy steps -that  really do look easy- can turn into days.

I am on a steep learning curve.

Reading about leadership: my Young Living Essential oils business is at spontaneous combustion level.  I have to learn to lead leaders. I am about to have 6-10.  It is a whole different ballgame. My team has over 400 members.

Do you have any questions about Essential oils? Peruse my website

i would love to answer them.  Leave a comment or email me. As my niece said to me, “Oils are cool now.”  That tickled me…when I started just about 4 1/2 years ago I had to explain what they were to almost everybody. Now it’s trending!  WooHoo! Does that make ME cool????  Not so much. Oh well.

Also reading about blogging.  Yes, I can imagine that sounds like watching paint dry but actually Michael Hyatt’s Platform is an easy read.  I have already incorporated three or four of his suggestions after starting the book just last night.  I have a long way to go.

I will try to spruce this up a lot.

Did I mention twitter, and navigating hootsuite and learning how to make social media graphics on  All of this since last Thursday.

I blog about: having Joy in the midst of the mess a whole lot; quantum physics, when I can understand  enough to put in more than buzzwords; the God of the Bible. I unabashedly LOVE HIM and He loves me first.  I post  a recipes that I have tried and have passed the husband and four child test and once every week or two I post about oils.

I hope you enjoy my blog as I usually enjoy doing it…Oh yeah, I am honest too!


Linda Lee

On to WordPress!

Shalom, y’all.
    This might be my last blog here at
    I  am switching to WordPress, ASAP, today if it is as easy as it sounds ….
    I plan to export my blog- the whole thing to Word Press.
    Right now I am in the midst of stepping up to the plate and swinging for the fences.
    Reading a book about blogs and planning changes.
    Reading a book about leadership, as it it my intention to have 4 or 5 people get to the rank of Silver in my Young Living business this year.  Leaders have to be out in front….HERE I GO!!!!!
    Cracking down on the laziness that seeped into my children’s lives because I got lazy when I could barely keep my head above water over the past two years.  Sometimes the water got WAY high…  Sometimes because I am a closet drama queen and sometimes because there REALLY WAS A FLOOD.
    Laziness has been quite fickle…I don’t think I like Lazy, no not one little bit.
    I have been told I need to be on twitter (tweeting at least 3 times a day)…Yikes!
    I have been told that I need to blog at least three times a week.
    I am learning to make my own social media graphics…The first one was a little cheesy, but it WAS my first try.  I love it ant way.
    I have been encouraged to guest blog.  That is scary.
    I have been flat out told to start blogging on wordpress, where it will be easier for you to comment and connect with me.  I really want to hear from you….IS anyone out there?  My stats say 3000 plus have come to my blog, only three have left comments.
    So I am switching.
    Did I mention that I am deep cleaning my whole house one pile, one corner, three drawers at a time?
    I was helping my sister clean the camp my parents moved into while building their last home.
    One day, 6 people cleaned for a total of 52 hours.  The next week, four people cleaned for 20 plus hours.  That day, as I was about six hours into a ten hour kitchen cleaning, I realized that my house has never been clean.  I thought deep cleaning was 4-6 hours for the whole house.  HA!
   I have ten hours invested in my kitchen (all cabinets, cleaned, sorted and repapered).  Everything cleaned now except for under the stove and the inside of the freezers.  Then painting.
    That will probably be 14 hours for my kitchen alone.  I never dreamed it was possible.
    I wrote a ten year vision statement last week.
    Try it!
    What you walk toward your plan your plan starts to move toward you!
    I look forward to the next ten years.  Filled with surprises, gifts from God, grandchildren,  joy,
tears, grief, hard work and FUN!
    Thanks for coming to my blog!

                                            See you on wordpress,
                                                      Linda Lee

Butternut Squash Soup

Shalom, y’all,
    Here is my soup recipe for this week.
    I know I posted another soup with butternut squash as its primary ingredients, but this soup tastes totally different.  I like the other one better,  but this one is delicious, also.  The recipe is also made with Young Living essential oils which you can order at my brand new website 

                                                       Butternut Squash Soup

                                    1 butternut squash
                                    2 apples, peeled, cored, sliced
                                    1 Tbsp, coconut palm sugar
                                    1/2 tsp. cinnamon
                                    1 Tbsp, extra-virgin olive oil 
                                    1 onion diced
                                    4 cups vegetable or chicken stock
                                    1 tsp. salt
                                    1 Tbsp. honey
                                    1 Tbsp. fresh ginger, chopped
                                    1-2 drops Cinnamon essential oil
                                    1 drop ginger essential oil 
                                        Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
                                        Cut squash in half lengthwise and spoon out seeds.
                                        Place squash halves on baking sheet, cut side up.
                                        Combine coconut sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle evenly onto squash.
                                        Roast squash halves for 45-60 minutes, until tender.
                                        Cool until able to handle.  Using a spoon, scoop pulp from skin.
                                        In a large pot, heat oil and add apples, onion and ginger.  Saute for five
                                        minutes, until soft.
                                        Add stock and essential oils and stir in cooked squash.
                                        Simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.
                                        Add pepper, salt, additional cinnamon, if desired, and raw honey.
                                        Using an immersion blender, puree until soup is smooth and reaches your  
                                        desired consistency.
                                        Garnish and serve.  For garnish, try bacon, cinnamon, slivered apples, or     
                                        toasted pecans.
         This recipe was created by Alexis Kornblum and was published in Essential News a free monthly publication from Young Living.  Another perk of membership.  You can find other yummy recipes by Alexis on Pinterest, Facebook.

                                                                 Linda Lee



WoW! WOW! wow?

Shalom,  y’all,
   I thought I ought to post since I told my facebook friends I had a blog a couple of minutes ago.  If they stop by everyone will have a new post.
   So much is happening.
   Good things.
   The same old things.
   Surprising things.
   Adult education classes for my 16 year old son are  going very smoothly.  It took me a long tome to find the proper placement for him educationally.  We had homeschooled until it just ENDED!  He was over Mama teaching him and SO WAS I!!!!
   My 14 year old daughter is doing a science fair project, learning Latin, preparing for a mock trial and her other regular classwork.  She might go to public school next year.  We are still deciding.
I think she could probably take the school (or at least the ninth grade) by storm.  She is nervous about this huge transition.
   My two college kids are having a blast at college.  My daughter is maintaining a 4.0 average my oldest child, my son,  not so much.  He has a full time job and a girlfriend whom he sees every weekend.
   I am ready to take my essential oils business to the next level.  I made my first graphic ad today.
I also have my website up and running (  Please go to the sight and look around.  There is a wealth of information about the oils and the  company,  Young Living.
  Part of my business plan is this blog.  I might change to wordpress if I can take my content with me.
  I am treating my dog’s bladder stones with Aroma Life essential oil blend used topically,  Citrus Fresh oil blend in her water and changing one serving of dry dog food (she gets two a day) to canned food.  I am seeing improvement in her, little by little.  The vet wanted to do a 600$ operation.  I am treating her for next to nothing, comparatively speaking.
  Do you or  someone you care about have a wellness issue that you are looking for a kinder, gentler method  of regaining full health.  I would love to help you.
  The website will give you stories of how people us oils to get over MANY major health concerns.
   I hope you will join me on this journey.
   Oh, I failed to mention  that I quit eating, white sugar, white flour and white rice AND GMO corn products.  This is day 4 of juicing and raw and/or whole foods.  It’s been pretty easy so far.  I am not calling this a diet because this is the way I want to eat from here on out.
                                                       Linda Lee

Flash Mob: The U.S. Air Force Band at the Smithsonian

Shalom, y’all,
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!
I need more classical music in my life.
Isn’t it encouraging that people will stop their forward flow of motion
to be a part of something beautiful and special.

                                          Linda Lee

Everyday Oils – How To Use Essential Oils

Shalom. y’all,
I just found this on youtube.
Don’t roll your eyes. If the video says it is good for balancing your mood…It is!!!
I have so many stories.  The oils have really changed my life.
You can sign up as a wholesale member at with my member number 1153807.
I will also consult with you regularly as to how to learn more about this new health option.
Let me hear from you soon.

 The Start Living with Everyday Oils Kit has the oils that are shown in the video.  It also includes a diffuser! It is a great intro to what the oils can do for you.  You won’t be sorry!!!!