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The voice of Abundance of Joy blog

Shalom. y’all,
I have taken the time to look over my blog posts to date and to share with you nine posts that will give you a flavor of what my blog is about:
1. Got Abundance of Joy?
2. Life Goes on.
3. Waiting.
4. Rick Pino- “Your Love is Like”. A song that will give you an
idea of what I post when it is not “mine”.
5. Teacher’s Strike-Barn Dance
6. This is Young Living – A 5-6 minute video from Young Living and
essential oils.
7. Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability
8. Roasted Potato Leek Soup – I do post recipes regularly.
9. Everyday Oils: How to use essential oils.

Leave your comments. I look forward to the dialogue.

Linda Lee

P.S. One day I will archive these posts…Nothing is easy yet, even
though IS impressive.
I couldn’t find the post of why I begin and end each post with Shalom.
I will look again if I still can’t find it. I will rewrite it tomorrow.
P.P.S. I hope to at least have a header tomorrow and maybe a widget that
plays music.



Shalom, y’all,

I am in the process of exporting my blog from  I haven’t been successful after two tries.  I am pretty computer illiterate…so four easy steps -that  really do look easy- can turn into days.

I am on a steep learning curve.

Reading about leadership: my Young Living Essential oils business is at spontaneous combustion level.  I have to learn to lead leaders. I am about to have 6-10.  It is a whole different ballgame. My team has over 400 members.

Do you have any questions about Essential oils? Peruse my website

i would love to answer them.  Leave a comment or email me. As my niece said to me, “Oils are cool now.”  That tickled me…when I started just about 4 1/2 years ago I had to explain what they were to almost everybody. Now it’s trending!  WooHoo! Does that make ME cool????  Not so much. Oh well.

Also reading about blogging.  Yes, I can imagine that sounds like watching paint dry but actually Michael Hyatt’s Platform is an easy read.  I have already incorporated three or four of his suggestions after starting the book just last night.  I have a long way to go.

I will try to spruce this up a lot.

Did I mention twitter, and navigating hootsuite and learning how to make social media graphics on  All of this since last Thursday.

I blog about: having Joy in the midst of the mess a whole lot; quantum physics, when I can understand  enough to put in more than buzzwords; the God of the Bible. I unabashedly LOVE HIM and He loves me first.  I post  a recipes that I have tried and have passed the husband and four child test and once every week or two I post about oils.

I hope you enjoy my blog as I usually enjoy doing it…Oh yeah, I am honest too!


Linda Lee

Butternut Squash Soup

Shalom, y’all,
    Here is my soup recipe for this week.
    I know I posted another soup with butternut squash as its primary ingredients, but this soup tastes totally different.  I like the other one better,  but this one is delicious, also.  The recipe is also made with Young Living essential oils which you can order at my brand new website 

                                                       Butternut Squash Soup

                                    1 butternut squash
                                    2 apples, peeled, cored, sliced
                                    1 Tbsp, coconut palm sugar
                                    1/2 tsp. cinnamon
                                    1 Tbsp, extra-virgin olive oil 
                                    1 onion diced
                                    4 cups vegetable or chicken stock
                                    1 tsp. salt
                                    1 Tbsp. honey
                                    1 Tbsp. fresh ginger, chopped
                                    1-2 drops Cinnamon essential oil
                                    1 drop ginger essential oil 
                                        Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
                                        Cut squash in half lengthwise and spoon out seeds.
                                        Place squash halves on baking sheet, cut side up.
                                        Combine coconut sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle evenly onto squash.
                                        Roast squash halves for 45-60 minutes, until tender.
                                        Cool until able to handle.  Using a spoon, scoop pulp from skin.
                                        In a large pot, heat oil and add apples, onion and ginger.  Saute for five
                                        minutes, until soft.
                                        Add stock and essential oils and stir in cooked squash.
                                        Simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.
                                        Add pepper, salt, additional cinnamon, if desired, and raw honey.
                                        Using an immersion blender, puree until soup is smooth and reaches your  
                                        desired consistency.
                                        Garnish and serve.  For garnish, try bacon, cinnamon, slivered apples, or     
                                        toasted pecans.
         This recipe was created by Alexis Kornblum and was published in Essential News a free monthly publication from Young Living.  Another perk of membership.  You can find other yummy recipes by Alexis on Pinterest, Facebook.

                                                                 Linda Lee



Flash Mob: The U.S. Air Force Band at the Smithsonian

Shalom, y’all,
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!
I need more classical music in my life.
Isn’t it encouraging that people will stop their forward flow of motion
to be a part of something beautiful and special.

                                          Linda Lee

Rick Pino – "Your Love Is Like"

Shalom, y’all,
I thought I would post one of my very favorite artists,  Rick Pino. 
He writes songs that I would write from my heart.
Jesus’ love for US is like everything you ever dreamed a relationship should be.  His love never changes because He actually is LOVE.
I will publish another one today too.
I want you to know Christ, I try not to be pushy about it but…
Have you read the book of John in the Bible?  If you want to know God,  Jesus is the ONLY way to God the Father.
Leave a comment, start a dialogue.



Shalom, y’all,
    Well, this week I think I will be back to my old schedule.
     Two weeks ago I made an emergency trip to see my parents.  They are okay.  But we had to put into place a safety net to make sure they have help when they need it.  My sisters and I are going to call once a week, my mother’s brother and his wife are going to our “boots on the ground” since they live a couple of minutes from Mom and Dad.  People from their neighborhood and church are more  aware now.
    It is odd how my siblings and I were so focused on 9-12 months from now when we will have them across the street from one of my sisters and I will be able to provide respite care for them when my sister has to do other things.  My two other siblings want to help too.  So, we were focused on the future when they needed attention NOW!  What a wake up call this was.  We are so relieved that God intervened with help (as He promises to do) at a time when no one knew they needed help.
    I must say that as soon as people knew they were “johnny on the spot” with help and true concern.
I was encouraged to know that they have true neighbors…People who will put themselves out for someone else.
   Back to regular days.
   Are you prone to worry?
   I will share something that the Lord shared with me when the news of what a predicament my parents were in.  I imagined all sorts of scenarios that could have happened.  I cried on and off for 36 hours until I could get on my way to their home (they live 6 hours away and I had two children to “farm” out). The Lord said, “Linda, if you start worrying about what could have happened it will be a 24/7/365 day job.” 
   I am still letting that sink down into who I really am.
   For those reading this who are concerned that I am saying, “I heard God say”, please know that Jesus Himself said ,  “My sheep hear my voice and follow.”  I am not ashamed that I am His sheep.
I need to hear His voice a lot more that I do.
   Do not worry.
   In the Bible the Lord says 365 times, “Do not fear”.  That’s one for every day.
   He really is a Wonderful Father and when our hearts are at peace we can enjoy Him.  He already enjoys us. Even with all of our drama and real time challenges.
   That is why I always start and end a post with the word “shalom”.  I truly want you (and me) to enter into His peace where there is nothing missing, nothing broken.
    The way to enter into the Peace of your heavenly Father is through His Son, Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah).  Jesus lived a perfect life on earth and died as a sacrifice for our sin.  He offers this shalom through forgiving us and providing a new life for us.
    Message me, if you have any questions.


Linda gets her groove "ON"

Shalom, y’all,
   Just finished my walk with my dachshund, Little Eva for a mile and  a half.  My daughter rode her bike at the same time.  It was an almost brisk 59 degrees this morning.  WOW! It was beautiful.
   Will be going to a men’s prison to preach tonight.  I love to go.  The members of the church there are pursuing Christ and it is encouraging.
   I  should give an update on my college kids.  My almost 20 year old college sophomore is living alone in a mobile home two miles from campus.  He is riding his bike two miles into town on Tuesday and  Thursday for classes and working at Sonic.  He is dressing up as a Chippendale dancer for Halloween.  I am not too crazy about that and told him that he should take that idea and spice it up!!! Dress up like the cartoon characters Chip and  Dale and have them dressed as Chippendale dancers.  This is really cute!  It makes me smile just to think about it.  I know his peer group probably never watched Chip and Dale.
  My daughter who just turned 18 is at the same school as her brother. Loving college life.   I told her she would.  They will both do well academically.  I hope they keep the social aspect of college within proper limits.
   They are both at my alma mater which was where my parents met and were graduated from. 
    I am getting back into the groove of walking 4-6 times a week,  going to the prison church and Bible Study.   I am studying angels right now.  Looking into every time they are mentioned in the Bible.  Interesting.
    I will try to post the Young Living video that is on our new and improved website (  If you are interested in signing up and getting started with a healthier lifestyle you can use my member number 1153807 and enroll right there on the home page (upper right hand corner).  I am available to answer your questions about which products are right for you and your loved ones. 
   Let me know if I can help!