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When everything works just like it’s supposed to.

Shalom, y’all,
I should tell you right off the bat that from my experience that “everything working just like it is supposed to” doesn’t happen very often and when it does it is usually only for a short time.
Kids healthy, school going okay, good friends still GOOD.
The question isn’t,”When will the tragedy strike?”
The question is, “Where are your feet, right now?”
The Bible is very clear that when you are in miry clay (bad circumstances) the Lord can rescue you. He is really good at the rescue biz.
But what if we hadn’t moved from a position of REST and peace that God put us in when he rescued us the last time? I know, some of you are not believers but that doesn’t change the FACT that God still watches over you and cares for you. HE LOVES YOU!
In the last two years some of the worst things that ever happened to me- happened at some times such a break neck pace that I hadn’t even processed the last one. I will not name any specific situation so not to take anything away from your challenge.
Be strong where you are right now.
Strengthen yourself in the LORD. Build on what you learned last time you went through “a rough patch”.
This is what God told me about the last two years (Yes, God speaks in a way YOU will understand HIM). “You were in a flood. But every time you ran to ME, and were saved. The time it took you to run to me was almost always shorter than the last time. Some times you were still in the Strong Tower because you hadn’t left from the last time circumstances tried to take you away. Don’t leave the Strong Tower of My NAME. When the enemy came in like a flood I raised Myself up as a Standard against him…Your feet were on THE ROCK and My Name will never give way. You didn’t loose ground. You gained in every episode. Well done, Well done, Well done… I say, well done. Now on to new things. It’s done! well done”
I share this with you because He says the same to you, “Well done”.
Be encouraged ask for wisdom and understanding and he will give it yo you.
Be strong and courageous and if you can’t be…HE IS an ever present help in time of trouble.

Linda Lee