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Happiness now!

Shalom, y’all,
Scheduled my tweets (@lindaleeoils) for the rest of the day and tomorrow, for multiple reasons. One, I am making a conscious decision not to let social media “rule my life”. Reason number two: tomorrow is packed to the top and I will not have the time to post until after 7 p.m.
No, I don’t think the world will stop if I don’t tweet or post a blog, but I am trying to make a new habit.
I have been told that “I can not ‘make it big” in network marketing without a presence on social media”. So, here I am.
I have also consciously decided that my life isn’t going to be all about Young Living Essential Oils although I really love the oils and my oils business.
I will only blog about the oils every two weeks or so. If you want more than that my other blog (yes I mean I have two blogs) at abundanceofjoyessentialoils.com is ALL about oils Because it is my Young Living website.
Most of the tweets I scheduled today were about happiness.
I love being happy.
I smile in Wal Mart…Often I am the only one in Wal Mart smiling. I am not kidding. People looked surprised when my smile is directed at them. Sometimes I perceive that my smile bothers them… I smile anyway.
I once heard of a study that determined when you smile at someone you add three months to their lives. I immediately thought there is just no way to quantify that. But what if it just adds one day, one hour, one minute? I know it is a big thought, but who knows?
I have learned something about happiness and joy:
I want them both and sometimes they both come with pretty high price tags.
I won’t let circumstances, no matter the duration decide anything for me.
Happiness is a choice.
Joy is deeper. It wells up and bubbles out when I least expect it now.
This certainly does NOT mean that I don’t get frustrated or mad as heck sometimes, but I get back on the road to joy a lot more quickly.
Thank you for reading this post.
What are some ways, you have chosen to be happy-in the midst of the mess?
If you are not happy now, why not take your happiness back and keep it for a bit longer this time. This is a habit worth every second you put into it!

Linda Lee